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Application for Participation This page may either be printed, completed, and submitted by postal mail (please phone to request the address) or the text may be copied, the responses added, and the completed work submitted by email.  If any clarifications are needed, phone calls are encouraged.  No text-messaging capabilities are available.  The content of the application will be kept
strictly confidential and serves only to support sensitive and effective facilitation of workshop activities.  Thank you very much for your interest.  I look forward to speaking with you more directly about participation in an SEI workshop. Blessings, love, and peace, now and always, Rev. Denver NeVaar, MTS phone 720-417-5566 (no text-messaging capabilities) email:  info@SpiritusErosqueIntertexti.org Name:  Mailing Address:  phone:  email:  age:  the sexual orientation with which you self-identify:  Please list all physical/mental/medical conditions so that appropriate accommodations in speech, activity, and environment can be effectively provided:  Please describe your interest in or reasons for potentially participating in an SEI workshop:   I hereby certify that I am of sufficient legal maturity to participate in the workshop described within this website (www.SpiritusErosqueIntertexti.org) and within subsequent personal and telephone conversations and that I have sufficient mental and emotional competence to be responsible both for my decision to participate and my subsequent conduct within the workshop.  signature:  date: