Where and When


About Spiritus Erosque Intertexti (SEI)
    The fundamental understanding of SEI is that each person is an individually unique fusion of body, mind, and spirit and that a divine spirit beyond humanity also exists, which can be construed mystically as purest truth, greatest wisdom, most unconditional love, infinity, and eternity.  Metaphorically, each of us is a glass of water contemplating relationship with the ocean.  
    At a basic level of understanding, body, mind, and spirit are composed of energy that moves, responds, and can be directed in various ways.  Among those ways is the possibility of generating energy and redirecting that energy in ways guided by personal intention and mental focus.  
    The central activity of SEI is a workshop, currently only available to men, the schedule of which is typically Friday 6-9 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-12 noon and 1-7 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m.-12 noon and 1-5 p.m.  The number of anticipated participants within a workshop is no fewer than two and no more than twenty.  A greater or lesser number seems likely to diminish the effectiveness of the overall experience.
    Whether this workshop will someday also be available to women is dependent upon the future availability of a trustworthy and effective facilitator.
    All clothing is ritually removed shortly after the beginning of the workshop and ritually replaced immediately before its conclusion.  
    The methods utilized by SEI to generate and redirect energy include erotic massage and conscious breathing.  While no agreement or disagreement with the belief that orgasm does in fact disperse personal energy is claimed by SEI, the recommendation is nonetheless that orgasm is to be avoided immediately prior to and during participation in an SEI workshop, in the interest of utilizing personal energy for other constructive purposes.  
    Although the workshop does include erotic contact between participants in order to accomplish its goals, and participants are free to disclose or conceal their orientation as they wish, complete respect and honest communication are at all times absolutely required.  The workshop is a collaboration of men of potentially diverse sexual orientation, seeking personal and/or spiritual growth, development, or healing.  The workshop is not a convergence of sexual objects seeking euphoria or ongoing relationship.  
    The cost of this weekend workshop is tentatively set at $100, subject to rental costs or appropriate venues.  Since the entire workshop can be done within a space approximately twenty to thirty feet square that can be adequately heated or cooled which is also carpeted, those with appropriate spaces are encouraged to contact the facilitator to negotiate a mutually beneficial exchange, which will also keep the cost of the workshop affordable to others.  
    Meals are not included and participants are encouraged to bring sack lunches and any energy-related snacks they wish, since the workshop does include significant physical exertion.  $50 is required at the time of registration and is non-refundable, unless the workshop is for any reason canceled (in which case all payment is returned to the participant).  The remaining $50 is to be paid either before or upon arrival at the beginning of the workshop.
    Withdrawal from a workshop for any reason after it has begun will receive a refund amount corresponding to the amount of the workshop still remaining at that point in time.  
    If the cost is financially prohibitive to a genuinely interested and qualified applicant, inquiries are encouraged, to discover whether alternative arrangements can be made.