Where and When


About the Facilitator
    Rev. Denver NeVaar, PhD, is an ordained interfaith minister with over forty years of experience in a wide spectrum of spiritual practices.  Among the personal values which guide his facilitation of the SEI workshop, are consensuality, mutual respect, self-agency, absolute honesty, egalitarian rather than hierarchical relationships, and a pursuit of collaboration rather than competition.  
    While he himself identifies as a gay man, he is completely respectful of all orientations and aspects of human identity.  As an occasional bodybuilder, he is very familiar with physical development.  As an accomplished academic, he is very familiar with mental development.  As an eclectic mystic, he is very familiar with spiritual development.  
    All of these are integrated into his facilitation of the SEI workshop.  He is also very experienced in providing relaxing massage and has participated in other workshops open to the integration of body and spirit, which introduced him to the broader possibilities SEI seeks to serve.